I studied to become an otorhinolaryngologist. I have worked in that specialty since graduating from the Medical Faculty of State University of Tartu in 1983. For the first 13 years of my career I worked at Tallinn Emergency Hospital (now North Estonian Medical Centre). As I was frequently on call, I became skilful in dealing with severely ill patients and providing specialised medical care. From 1987, the level of acquired skills made it possible to start performing rhinoplasty. Middle ear microsurgery was introduced in my life after the restoration of independence in Estonia in 1992. Contacts with Swedish colleagues provided me with tools and my position as the head of the department eliminated any management opposition.

The most labour-intensive year was 1998, when I returned to Tallinn. That year I achieved a personal record by performing 100 middle ear microsurgeries.

I started the endoscopic surgeries of sinusitis chronica in 1993.

By 1995, the nasal surgery had reached to such a level that allowed solving all problems both “inside” and “outside” with just one surgery.

In 1996-1997, I worked at the Ear Clinic of the University of Tartu. At the same time, I continued cooperation with Estonian Seamen’s Hospital (now West-Tallinn Central Hospital) and some private clinics. Then I started moving towards aesthetic nose surgery.

1997-2005, I worked at Republican Tallinn Central Hospital (now East-Tallinn Central Hospital).

Besides treatment of nose and ear diseases, the change of millennia brought up a new area of activity – diagnostics and treatment of patients with snoring and sleep apnoea. I started private enterprise in 1998. I focused on treatment of rhinoplasty and sleep apnoea. In 2000, I ultimately switched from tonsillectomy to personalised tonsillectoplasty in the treatment of chronic tonsillitis.

In 2005, I left the position of department head at East-Tallinn Central Hospital and dedicated myself to private medicine.

I had an opportunity to train myself (in 2005-2007, I participated in five 2-3-day rhinoplasty conferences in Stockholm (2005), Vienna (2006), Milan, Boston (2007) and Varese (Italy 2008), 3-day practical training in IDI Hospital in Rome (2008) and one course on palate implants with regard to sleep apnoea in Milan (2008)). After bringing myself up to date with global developments, I shifted my focus on self-education by using professional literature. Adjusted workload gives me time and strength to do that. Since 2013, I used a microscope to perform nasal surgery. As an ear surgeon, I acquired microsurgery technique already at the end of the last century. In terms of rhinoplasty, microsurgery allows what is otherwise unattainable.

Cooperation partners include Ear-Nose-Throat Clinic, Private Hospital Fertilitas and Kotka Private Hospital.