Rhinoplasty, aesthetics and sexuality

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In addition to ensuring sense of smell and breathing, nose is also secondary sexual characteristic. Men and women have different shape of nose. The world of polarity  we live in divides everything into three categories – plus, minus, zero. There’s past, present and future. In terms of facial details and sexuality we distinguish between child, woman and man. Facial features characteristic of a child include round forehead, small concave upright nose and small chin in a round face. Child aesthetics is considered cute and it triggers nurturing instinct. Facial features change in puberty. Nasal bones, chin, cheekbones, eyebrow arches and earlobes grow. Men obtain bigger and a rather convex nose, square chin, stronger cheekbones and eyebrow arches, relevant skin and hair. Women maintain large part of child aesthetics, smaller concave upright nose, rounder forehead and smaller, narrower and shorter chin. It is exactly because of that gender-specific difference, especially the difference in nose shape, that men almost never need rhinoplasty and it also explains where the female facial aesthetics should be shifted, if they want to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Gender neutrality propaganda does not affect marriage market and women are aware of that. I support a worldview, according to which a relationship should be built not on just physical-perceptive, but primarily spiritual-energetic foundation. At the same time, it is fine if love and growing into a couple are triggered by hormones and physical attraction. Male face is more robust. This is due to more intense growth in the chin, nasal bones, cheekbones, eyebrow arches, jaw angles and earlobe region. In these regions, growth continues in both men and women until the end of their lives and this is the reason, why children and adolescents have gracious faces, but an elderly person with big ears and big nose often not. Every babyface obtains a more masculine appearance when reaching middle age. A plain high-school “geek” may become an attractive middle-aged man. Unfortunately, the lifelong growth of facial bones continues in women, too. However, in case of some facial types, it can become a curse. Nasal bones grow. Middle part of nasal dorsum raises. Nasal tip increases, begins to descend and is no longer the focal point of the nose. Nose becomes more convex and masculine.

Based on the nature of relationship and age-specific changes, there are two age groups, where rhinoplasty might contribute to the quality of life the most. Striking blemishes should be corrected before entering the marriage market, but after coming of age. In case of less prominent defects and functioning relationship there is no need to hurry with rhinoplasty. It could be planned e.g. around the 40th birthday. Besides other issues, it would also allow eliminating manifesting age-related changes and slow down their further development. A woman in her forties will experience a boost and, thanks to forethoughtful image, might enjoy greater attention of the opposite sex and related benefits for ten more years. However, sometimes it just takes a decade to continue living together in order to have the other half finally exit the middle life crisis and stay home. Growing old together is rather precious in view of love and the joys of family. It is said that there are three paths that lead to perfection. One can choose the path of solitude eremitism. Meditate, read holy texts and reach love by sensing the unity of body, soul and mind and indivisibility of the universe. There are more and more people who prefer the path of work. It is simple and natural. “Love comes through hard work and struggle!” as said Estonian author A.H. Tammsaare. Eremites and workaholics are not bothered by simple robes and unpretentious appearance. The third path is the path of love in a narrower sense. In that path, a man and a woman walk hand in hand as a couple. Anything goes in order to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Just look at the wildlife and how it decks out for courtship rituals.

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