Invisible nose

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Nose does not take part in mimic, but it seals the entire look. Because of the shape of their nose, people are sometimes compared to an eagle, chicken, squirrel or rhinoceros. However, studies have shown that noses are “invisible” for majority of people. All the attention is focused on eyes and mouth. Eyes and mouth give clues about partner’s inner world and those “soul reflections” are not something one would want to miss. Thus, nose is “overlooked”. I have noticed it regarding rhinoplasty. I perform sufficiently radical surgeries. There are facial types with hooky nose that just do not look good with straight nose. Change from convex to concave shape is rather extensive. I recall a case where a father did not understand that her daughter had undergone such a radical change. Another example of the general nose-blindness occurred with a lady in her late thirties who had been on parental leave. In her case, “no stone was left upon a stone”. Everything was remodelled and the size of the nose was drastically reduced. When returning to work, she was complimented by her colleagues: “Oh wow, pregnancy has had such a good effect on you!” Nobody noticed the nose. Such nose-blindness reminds me of husbands who do not notice their wives’ efforts to look good. A typical dialogue would be something like this, “Well, how is it!?” “How is what?” “Didn’t you notice my new hairdo!?” No, he did not! Haircut fits. Colour fits. Good elements were highlighted, faults concealed. It looked beautiful. But why? That was not apparent. Had the wife come home with bird’s nest on her head with eggs in it, the husband would have certainly paid attention to that. The same applies to noses. If it is harmonious, nobody notices. There is rarely such a thing as dazzling beauty. It stands out. In the ageing society and in view of genetical diversity, more than one third of people in the street have blemishes that can be adjusted. People are used to it. The only ones who notice, are artists, cartoonists, photographers, patients and surgeons. In the Soviet times, all houses and people looked alike. A foreigner stood out in the city scene like a colourful parrot left behind from the circus. Badly planned rhinoplasty can also be a reason for feeling as an out-of-place parrot. Artificial is unusual and is an eyesore. It might be noticed.

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